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Start your Journey With BMTC! 

BMTC is playing an essential role in building a high standard medical field by providing all necessary educational knowledge to healthcare workers to create a strong, vibrant, and competitive workforce.

At BMTC we provide a great opportunity for individuals who have already completed either one or more Allied subject course in Phlebotomy, medical administrative assistants and/or medical assistant program a chance to apply for the national or state examination. We will provide all necessary guideline and materials to pass your NHA or MedCa exams.

Doctor's Appointment

All Allied Healthcare courses are available synchronously and Asynchronously. 

Online Workshop
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      - Only Allied Courses available (Phlebotomy, EKG, Medical billing          and coding, and medical administrative assistant)

      - Flexible online lectures (morning or evening  sessions)

      - Collaborate in interactive activities with peers and teacher


      - Get live feedback for all your questions and concerns 

      - Additional notes that are not available online 

      - Quizzes and Exams (with due dates)  

Join us in Two Ways! 



 - All courses are available asynchronously.


 - Doesn't require real time interaction


 - Content is available online for students to access when it best suits  their schedule       

 - High proficient  powerpoint slides


 - Quizzes and exams (assignments are completed to deadlines) 

 - Free assistant available through email and whatsaap. 


Have You Heard About Our Free Webinars? 

At BMTC our essential aim is to advance the healthcare system through different platforms.  Our free weekly webinars help all healthcare workers at all levels to gain basic knowledge for career development. Every weekend we will provide a free webinar that will discuss beneficial topics for teachers teaching, students learning, and other individuals about healthcare, different diseases, and tips and tricks to comprehend subjects.

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