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If you're searching for new ways to spice up your relationship, then you should consider playing truth or dare with your partner over the phone. You could do these a number of different ways in today's world: over whatsapp, Facebook messenger, or even plain old text message. Playing the game truth or dare with your partner over the phone is exactly the same as when you played it during middle school. You ask your partner different questions and they do the same back to you. What makes this game so exciting for couples is that it can help them discover more about their boyfriend or girlfriend and get to know them on a deeper level. As expected, things can also get interesting when one partner chooses a dare! If this sounds like something you would try, jump over to the Amazing Love Quotes website for some helpful instructions on getting started!

Not only can the website help you with learning how to play, you can also find great questions to get the game started as well! Find dare questions over text and some fantastic truth questions that will teach you more about your partner. The game is perfect for couples, especially those in their dating stage!

Amazing Love Quotes

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