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Based on NHA and medCaNon Certificate, Review course.

  • $100-$300
  • Online

Service Description

This course is specifically designed for the healthcare workers, who are seeking help to pass their NHA and MedCa examination, and for those who want to refresh knowledge of EKG. The student will be introduced to and learn the structure, function and conduction system of the heart, and electrocardiographic procedures. Identify parts and functions of single and multichannel ECG machines and describe their proper use and maintenance. Describe functions and routine procedures for telemetric ECG and Holter monitor, stress tests and ultrasound cardiography and define types of radiographic studies of the heart. Main objectives of this course: -Safety, Compliance and Coordinated Patient Care -EKG Acquisition -EKG Analysis and Interpretation Prices: Asynchronous: $100 Synchronous: $300 Asynchronous timing: Morning: 1:30am- 3:30 pm (USA Eastern Time) Afternoon: 6:00 - 8:00pm (USA Eastern Time)

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